Thuraya 20

  • Thuraya 20

The Thuraya 20 (PAYG) postpaid satellite phone call plan is suited to business or holiday travellers with minimal use calling requirements. You, your family, friends or employers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if the worst were to happen – you will always have a reliable method of communication.

Thuraya 20 Postpaid Plan Pricing GST inclusive AU$
Minimum monthly charge. $20.00
Maximum monthly charge. Not Calculable (Depent on usage)
Account administration fee applied to waive contract period. $50.00
Minimum early termination charge. ( 1 month + administration fee) $70.00
Maximum early termination charge. $240.00 (Plus usage charges)
Monthly Included Value call allowance. N/A
Number of standard 2 minute calls available in Monthly Included Value. N/A
Standard call rates per minute. (20 second billing increment charged) $0.99
Flag-fall (call connection charge) $0.40
Two minute standard satellite call cost prior to discount including flag-fall. $2.48
Cost of standard SMS. (maximum 160 character message) $0.50
Satellite data per minute. (30 second billing increment charged) $3.00
Cost of downloading 1MB of data. (based on 2.4 Kb per second transfer speed) $21.33
Calls to non - Thuraya satellite phones minute. $7.67


Additional Calls & Services
TR Telecom 24/7 Support FREE
Emergency Calls 000/112 FREE
Suspension of network access delaying monthly charge. Not Applicable
Replacement SIM card. $55.00
- diversions to voicemail
- calls to voicemail retrieval
- SMS notifications

Billed at standard call rates.




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