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The Sat Chat satellite phone call plan is suited for light to medium users and a popular choice with both holiday travellers and business users. Offering good included call value, it has all the safety benefits of being connected to the Iridium network, and suits users planning on making a couple of calls each month.

The Critical Information Summaries (CIS) contains detailed information about the Sat Chat call plan and services in the convenience of one document that’s easy to understand. This is provided to help you make an informed choice when making a purchase. You may download a copy of the relevant Critical Information Summary in PDF format to your computer, please see the attachment above.

Plan Name Sat Chat
Monthly Access Fee $50
Monthly Included Value $15
Australian Satellite Calls per 30 seconds 65c
Satellite SMS 50c
Contract Term (Months) 12
Minimum Cost 12 months 12 x $50 = $600


Additional Calls & Services  
TR Telecom 24/7 Support
(1300 550 014 or 2652 from
your satellite phone)
Emergency Calls 000/112 FREE
- diversions to voicemail FREE
- calls to voicemail retrieval Charged at applicable satellite rates
- SMS notifications FREE
Iridium Satellite calls made from outside Australia $1.50 per 30 seconds
Iridium Satellite Data Calls from inside Australia $1.35 per 30 seconds
Iridium Satellite Data Calls from outside Australia $1.50 per 30 seconds
Calls to non Iridium Satellite Phones
i.e. Inmarsat, Globalstar
$9.00 per 30 seconds
Iridium voice or data calls originating within the
Americas and European Geographies
- please contact TR Telecom for a full list
$4.50 per 30 seconds
Suspension of Access per month
(enables retention of service number)
Flagfall (applies to satellite voice calls only) 40c
All pricing in this table includes GST


Prices: Prices are valid as at 1st May 2015 and subject to change without notice.
Contract Periods: Sat Chat: 12 month minimum contract.
An early disconnection fee results in the payment of the remaining value of the contract.
Disconnection: Services are only disconnected when the customer notifies TR Telecom and will be disconnected from the end of month when notification is received.
Flagfall: A flagfall of $0.40 applies on all calls.
Billing Increments: Minimum call charge is 1 minute, subsequent billing is in 30 second increments.
GST: Prices for calls and plans shown include GST.
SMS Messaging: SMS charges apply to satellite originated messages based on 160 characters per message
Changing Plans: Call plan changes can be made between 8:30am and 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.
Only transfers to a higher value plan are allowable during the contracted period.
Unused Included Calls: Any unused included call value at month’s end is forfeited.
Replacement SIM Cards: Replacement SIM cards are charged at $55.
Suspension Of Access: Customers choosing the Sat Chat plan may request suspension of service for a maximum of 2 months during the contract period, after the 12 month contract no restrictions apply to the amount of time the service can be suspended.



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