Inmarsat Global Postpaid Plans

87077 Satellite Phone Number


Inmarsat Global 75

Monthly Access Fee


Monthly Included Calls*


Calls to Fixed PSTN Voice

$1.50 per minute

Calls to Mobile Voice

$1.70 per minute


$1.50 per minute



Calls to Inmarsat Voice

$1.70 per minute

Calls to Iridium Voice

$14.00 per minute

Calls to Thuraya Voice

$6.50 per minute

Flag Fall


Cost of making a 2-minute Standard National Call


Contract Term

12 Months

Month-to-Month Contract Term

Minimum 1 Month with $50.00 Fee

Critical Information Summary


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* Monthly Included Calls: Value of included standard national calls, standard national mobile calls, and standard national SMS.

Additional Calls & Services

TR Telecom 24/7 Support

1300 550 014

Charged at applicable satellite rates

Emergency Services

000 or 112


Voicemail Retrieval

Charged at applicable satellite ratestelecom

Terms & Conditions
PRICES: Prices are valid as at 16th October 2019 and subject to change without notice.
CONTRACT PERIODS: 12-month minimum contract term or minimum of one month with payment of Administration Activation fee of $50.00.
DISCONNECTION: Disconnections can be requested in writing to Disconnection requests recieved within the contract period will be subject to a $50.00 disconnection fee.
BILLING INCREMENTS: Minimum call charge is 1 minute, subsequent billing is in 30 second increments.
GST: Prices for calls and plans shown include GST.
SMS MESSAGING: SMS charges apply to satellite originated messages based on 160 characters per message
CHANGING PLANS: Call plan changes can be made between 8:30am & 5pm Monday to Friday.
REPLACEMENT SIM CARDS: Replacement SIM cards are charged at $20.